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At geoLOGIC we provide market-leading data, software, analytics, news and actionable insights – enabling clients globally to make vital decisions that drive growth and efficiency.

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geoLOGIC provides vital corporate and subsurface asset data and analytics on oil and gas operators around the world. We do so with the latest proprietary software solutions.​

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Use pre-loaded data or load your own with intuitive mapping, tabular and instant dashboard solutions, available as a premium software package and via the cloud.

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Monitor depletion and declines, plan your plays and drilling programs, maximize productivity, monitor your competitors and inform future investment strategies.

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Make sense of data to solve complex engineering, geological and financial problems, capitalize on changing markets and ensure the right resources are in place.

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Map fields and formations, see trends, understand reservoirs, plan and make decisions using powerful, easy to use, integrated solutions. Map and export production, land, core, DST, pool, fluid, drilling, frac & completions, and pipelines & facility data.

Turn complex oil and gas data into visualizations like production charts, cross sections, 3D well bore maps, and statistical tables. Access data via a secure cloud-based web platform to maximize flexibility.

Forecast and benchmark company performance against actuals, compare cost efficiencies and cashflow, and assess investment risk. Stay current with news on competitor activity, new technologies, changing regulations and energy trends.

Track changes to absolute GHGs, their sources and intensity, measure flaring and venting to drive ESG-related operational improvements, and update employee skills with on-demand ESG training. Stay current with ESG-related energy news.

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