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Product Announcement:
geoSCOUT Version 8.18 New Features

New features are focused on enhancements to optimize petrophysical workflows, improved data visualization and mapping functionality, and new production datasets to drive efficiency and identify future opportunities. Learn more

gDC Cloud

geoSCOUT is the complete solution to visualize, analyze and forecast. Leverage pre-loaded Canada, Montana & North Dakota premium data, or load your own data from anywhere in the world. Learn More

gDC is geoLOGIC’s Data Center – a data lake offering an extensive range of curated and trusted premium oil & gas data. Pull our tabular data directly into your existing databases and the third-party applications you already use.
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gDC Cloud provides instant access to all geoLOGIC data (subsurface and surface), on a secure cloud-based web platform, without the need for data infrastructure and IT support. The intuitive map-based interface is easy-to-use and visually impactful. Learn More

The Complete Solution

geoSCOUT is the complete solution for visualizing, analyzing, and forecasting. Leverage pre-loaded Canadian and US data, or load your own data from anywhere in the world.

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It's Not Magic, But It's Close

Just want the data? Get it online or load it directly into the databases and applications you already use! Tabular and spatial data is available for Canada and beyond.

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Comprehensive Digital Frac Data

Understand how technology impacts your success. Get the only comprehensive database of completions and fracturing data for western Canada through our easy web app, geoSCOUT, or the gDC.

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GEOLOGIC'S Comprehensive public oil and gas well and land data.

gDC Data is geoLOGIC's comprehensive, public oil and gas well and land data. This value-added dataset includes Western Canada and the Northern United States.

A large number of software products available within the Oil and Gas industry are directly connected to gDC Data. You can also connect to this dataset through your own in-house applications and databases, providing you with a consistent data offering. Our team of experts is available to work with your company to stream gDC data through the platform of your choice, including:

  • ArcMap (Esri) Value Navigator (Energy Navigator) Mosaic (Entero) Synergy (GuildOne) Data Connector Full Suite (TIBCO)
  • PetroLab (P2) DecPro (P2) CS Well Utilities (P2) Seisware (Seisware) Visage (Visage)

Data generated by the data hub will be displayed on gDC Land and Well tickets. Tickets allow for quick reference and quality checks. Once gDC access is enabled, tickets are available through the internet and other GIS based products.

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We don't just provide data. We package data into solutions. This means constantly observing the market and being serious about customer feedback. We're committed to expanding our data sets to properly respond to customer needs and industry trends.

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