Highly accurate production forecasts within seconds.

Explore precomputed, data-driven, unbiased probabilistic production forecasts for every producing oil and gas well in Western Canada.

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basinINTEL is a data-driven solution that provides accurate, automatically generated, P50 production forecasts and EURs for every producing oil and gas well in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). The basic product provides 30-year forecasted production from an oil or gas well with calibrated P10 to P90 statistical confidence intervals and the resultant EURs. Other features include built-in, on-the-fly, type curve generation and first-pass PDP and PUD economics functionality*. The technology underpinning basinINTEL combines geoLOGIC’s premium oil and gas data and a set of proprietary, physics-based, predictive analytical algorithms that are exclusive to geoLOGIC in Canada.

Streamline your A&D workflows by comparing and contrasting potential target opportunities, at any level or granularity, in minutes or hours, versus weeks or months.

Generate forecasts and EURs in a consistent and repeatable manner, month-over-month.

Run first-pass PDP and PUD economics* with inputs of working interest, discount rate, fixed overhead costs, variable oil and gas costs, flat-rate royalties, and your own price deck to generate discounted cash flow, NPV, and economic well count versus time plots.

Identify treatment candidates and evaluate optimization opportunities by assessing well performance with respect to completion performance metrics including proppant intensity, lateral length, and stage count.

Whether accessed via gDC Cloud, geoSCOUT, in our gDC Dashboards portal, or directly pulled from the geoLOGIC Data Centre, with basinINTEL data, you can base your investment decisions on sound, accurate, back-tested, bias-free forecasts and EURs that are re-generated every month with the latest publicly available production data.

*Economics feature is available in our Spotfire solution.

Key features

  • Discover wells using a comprehensive set of well attribute and completion parameter filters.

  • View P50 oil and gas forecasts with P10 to P90 confidence intervals across the WCSB.

  • Roll-up forecasts and EURs for any group of wells in a matter of seconds.

  • Generate Cumulative NPV, Discounted Cash Flow, and Economic Well Count versus time plots with projected income splits for oil and gas, with inputs of Capex, Opex, working interest, net revenue interest, simplified royalties, and your own price deck (Economics feature is available in our Spotfire solution).

  • Vet and assess the risk of third-party evaluations, well-by-well, or at any group level.

  • Cross-plot EURs against lateral length, proppant intensity, stage count, completion technology, base completion fluid, wellbore direction, drilling and completion costs, and more.

  • Easily export all well attributes, completion data, forecasts and EURs.


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