Oil and gas data you can trust. Tabular, spatial, analytics.

Access geoLOGIC’s premium data for insights and productivity gains within your existing workflows.

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The gDC (geoLOGIC Data Center) provides trusted data and extensive coverage. From the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and northern US, to northern, eastern and central Canada, our diverse data sets, targeted value-adds and focus on quality empower energy professionals.

Everyone will tell you they offer quality data – our proof is our final product. We've invested tens of thousands of hours into developing internal processes, tools and systems to help us identify and correct the many instances of bad data on the market.

We don't just provide data. We package data into solutions. This means constantly observing the market and being serious about customer feedback. We're committed to expanding our data sets to properly respond to customer needs and industry trends.

Through the gDC you can access well, production, drilling and completions data, pressure, fluid, core, DSTs, pool, land, pipeline and facility data, and more, via common database connection methods to query tabular gDC data and spatial gDC GIS data.

Your subscription to the gDC includes access for users to our cloud-based, descriptive and prescriptive gDC Dashboards. Designed with everyday workflows in mind, these domain-specific analytics dashboards are interactive tools designed to save the time you spend wrangling data, so that you can spend more time discovering insights.

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We are deeply involved with the PPDM Association. Together, we work tirelessly to develop and implement best practices and standards for petroleum data management. This work benefits operating companies, regulators, consulting companies, and energy professionals around the globe.

Key features

  • Connect, query, and retrieve data using standard database tools.

  • Skip the tedious parts of data analytics. Data ready for Data Scientists.

  • Discover the depth of geoLOGIC data using the gDC Discovery tool.

  • Access the most current data, when you need it, for your entire company.

  • Use pre-defined views to populate data in popular applications you already use.

  • Visualize geoLOGIC’s premium gDC data through multiple discipline-specific, workflow-based online dashboards.

gDC - Key Features

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Oil and Gas E&P

Oil and Gas E&P





Drilling and Services

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Banking and Finance

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