Developed by geoscientists, for geoscientists.

Explore, visualize, and analyze the intersection of well and seismic data with geoROCK.

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Developed by geoscientists, for geoscientists, geoROCK is a modern, user-friendly, and intuitive software package that delivers better and faster insights about the subsurface.

Identify prospective areas through an integrated analysis of geological, petrophysical, and seismic data interpretation.

Apply robust rock physics and synthetic modelling workflows and get a more complete picture of the area of interest.

Generate seismic synthetic models and crossplot data from well logs in a highly interactive manner to iteratively improve the lithology interpretation and information both at the well and in the seismic volume.

These workflows can be run quickly and iteratively to converge on optimum solutions that honor the underlying data and inform the user about the intrinsic rock relationships to ultimately enable critical decisions. These learnings, integrated across domains, deliver detailed lithology volumes that further enhance the reservoir rock properties model and understanding.

geoROCK works as a standalone application, and can connect directly into existing geoSCOUT and SeisWare applications.

Key features

  • Interactively edit well log data, porosity or lithology, and seismic wavelet properties as part of synthetic modelling.

  • Crossplot well or seismic data with ease and create zones to understand the relationships in the data.

  • Apply rock physics workflows and use predefined or custom templates to identify lithology, porosity, and water saturation.

  • Create rock property volumes from seismic data based on the results of rock physics well data analysis.

  • Map rock facies to view stratigraphic changes at the well level or throughout the seismic volume.

  • Integrate LAS and seismic data directly from geoSCOUT and SeisWare projects.


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