geoSCOUT Version 8.6 to Unveil Redesigned Ownership Analysis

Version 8.6 to highlight all-new redesigned Ownership Analysis Tool

Launching on November 30, 2017, we’re excited to announce a redesigned Ownership Analysis, a new Land Listing Report, additional BC data in the LMR module, Well Ticket improvements, and so much more! 

Ownership Analysis

We’ve redesigned Ownership Analysis with some major improvements. 


    • Take control of your working interest data.
    • Change how data in the header is calculated based on your selections in the data tables.
    • Send well, land, unit, and pool selections to other modules based on filters, highlights, and other essential criteria.

    New Land Listing Report

    Take control of your land data. 


    • Show, hide and reorder columns.
    • Group data by column.
    • Sort and filter data.
    • Create templates so you can quickly switch between views.

    LMR Data for British Columbia

    The LMR module now covers British Columbia. 


    • Evaluate your options for current assets and liabilities in BC.
    • Create scenerios where you can run what-if analyses before acquiring and shedding licenses.
    • Use industry standard values or your own custom values for BC Industry Netback, BC Return Period/Rolling Average, BC OE Equivalent Factor, and Shrinkage.

    Well Ticket Improvements

    We’ve made visual adjustments across the Well Ticket in support of customer feedback.


    • The Casing section is easier to read.
    • Completions are sorted by date from oldest to newest, then by depth. You can show/hide remarks for each completion.
    • The Production Summary section is reorganized and easier to read.
    Interested in something you see? Our sales team is always happy to demo modules and subscription areas you’d like to learn more about.