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geoXPLORER is a communication platform that leverages the capabilities of geoLOGIC’s premium data, software, and analytical tools to track and monitor industry activity, generate new ideas, and build exploration assessments within the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). The value add of this quarterly newsletter is to inform readers of emerging plays by applying expert knowledge borne from decades of petrotechnical operator experience. Access to geoXPLORER provides insights into trends within plays, as well as means to be able to use these insights within existing workflows.

Key features

  • WCSB Drilling Activity by Formation
    • Presents new horizontal and vertical well spuds per quarter.
    • Features wells of interest outside of core development areas.
  • Landsale Activity
    • Identifies potential target zones of interest on landsale parcels.
    • Highlights areas of active postings, short description of play type(s), available crown land on trend, and current active operators.
  • Exploration Idea
    • Introduces a new exploration idea or play concept each quarter.
    • Evaluates current and emerging plays using DSTs, mud logs, and cores across the WCSB.
  • “Did You Know?” Section
    • Explores what’s next for energy evolution in the WCSB.
    • Provides in-depth research on topics such as Helium, Lithium, Geothermal, CCUS, etc.

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