Introducing version 8.8 of geoSCOUT



Introducing version 8.8 of geoSCOUT

geoSCOUT can now plan and visualize horizontal well surveys

Calgary, Alberta- September 13, 2018 − geoLOGIC systems is proud to announce another successful release of its flagship solution; geoSCOUT version 8.8 with new and innovative features added to enhance the user experience of this product.

David Hood, President, geoLOGIC said: “geoSCOUT is a complete solution that helps oil & gas professionals track activity, assess opportunities, optimize wells and manage both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. It is modular and has a clean interface, which makes it extremely user friendly and easy to use.”

Hood added: “What makes geoSCOUT unique is that it regularly evolves to meet the challenges faced by our energy professionals.”

The brand new Well Profile Viewer module of version 8.8 allows users to plan and visualize horizontal well surveys in the context of formations, contours, downhole events, completions, and logs. It helps users focus on the horizontal section of the well bore, compare multiple surveys to choose the best option before drilling, pick formation tops, import grid files, and create reference surveys to compare well bores.

For more information or to inquire about geoSCOUT, please visit or contact the geoLOGIC systems ltd. sales team at, 403-262-1992.


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