Whether you need a full suite of mapping and visualization tools, pre-computed probabilistic data-driven well production forecasts, pre-built analytical dashboards, or just a web app to view well data, we have a solution for you.

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geoSCOUT is the complete solution for visualizing, analyzing, and forecasting. Leverage pre-loaded Canada, Montana, and North Dakota data, or load your own data from anywhere in the world.

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geoSCOUT Visualize

Superior GIS mapping, charting, and annotation tools make visualizing oil & gas data easier than ever.

geoSCOUT Analyze

A large set of data analysis tools makes sense of complex engineering, geological, and spatial challenges.

geoSCOUT Forecast

Monitor depletion and declines, plan your plays and drilling programs, anticipate problems, and keep costs low. You can even use geoSCOUT to ensure regulatory compliance and plan for disasters.

Well Completions & Frac Database

Gain instant access to all geoLOGIC data (subsurface and surface), on a secure cloud-based web platform, without the need for data infrastructure and IT support. The intuitive map-based interface is simple, performant, and visually impactful.

Well Completions & Frac Database

With gDC Dashboards, you can visualize geoLOGIC’s premium data through multiple dashboards in record time.

gDC Dashboards extracts, transforms, and displays geoLOGIC’s premium oil & gas data through a set of pre-prepared, powerful analytical dashboards. The dashboards, which are updated daily, help you glean wisdom on a specific activity, such as license activity and industry research, at a certain time interval, with just a few clicks! gDC Dashboards helps industry professionals spend more time analyzing and less time wrangling data.

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Well Completions & Frac Database

geoXPLORER is a communication platform that leverages the capabilities of geoLOGIC’s data, software, and analytical tools to track and monitor industry activity, generate new ideas, and build exploration assessments within the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB).

Well Completions & Frac Database

Explore, visualize, and analyze the intersection of well and seismic data with geoROCK. Developed by geoscientists, for geoscientists, geoROCK is a modern, user-friendly, and intuitive software package that delivers better and faster insights about the subsurface.

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Well Completions & Frac Database

With TOP Analysis, you can analyze & evaluate thermal oil sand projects that utilize SAGD technology in record time.

Screen showing Frac Database Data

With its user-friendly, web-based interface, TOP Analysis provides an overall analysis of both volumetric and design of thermal projects that gives unique, up-to-date, thermal operation information in Alberta and Saskatchewan associated to specific groupings of projects, well pads, and pairs. Data is automatically updated with new wells that are licensed or drilled.

Make informed decisions based on the latest production and injection volumes, observation of well pressures and temperatures, operating pressures and temperatures, and directional drilling and completion details.

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Well Completions & Frac Database

You can find, review, and download regulatory applications instantaneously using TOP Regulatory.

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TOP Regulatory: a user-friendly, searchable application database that allows you to search by company, project, application number, application type, or keyword. You can view key dates and time for approval so you can better plan your application submission timing, and set custom email notifications to stay informed of any regulatory updates! TOP Regulatory provides in situ applications listed since 2003 with descriptions that are updated regularly to better capture their purpose. TOP Regulatory interacts seamlessly with TOP Analysis.

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Well Completions & Frac Database

geoLOGIC basinINTEL -- powered by BetaZiTM, combines geoLOGIC’s premium data with BetaZi’s unique physiostatistical algorithm to deliver accurate, pre-computed probabilistic data-driven well production forecasts for every well in western Canada.

Screen showing Frac Database Data

For more information about BetaZiTM, visit

geoLOGIC basinINTEL -- powered by BetaZiTM type curves, EURs and economics are unbiased, with calibrated uncertainty, meaning you can accurately compare and contrast potential opportunities, benchmark results and assess well performance in a consistent and repeatable manner.

basinINTEL is updated monthly and delivered through a series of interactive Spotfire projects with full export capabilities. This exciting new product equates to less time forecasting, more time analyzing!

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Just want the premium data? Get it online or load it directly into the databases and applications you already use! The geoLOGIC Data Center (gDC) delivers tabular and spatial data for Canada and beyond.

Integrate Premium Data With the Databases and Applications You Already Use
Pull our tabular data directly into your existing databases and third-party applications like ArcMap, Value Navigator, Mosaic, Synergy, Seisware, and more. All data is in the PPDM standard.

Download Attribute-Rich GIS Layers Through gDC GIS
Import our attribute-rich GIS layers / feature classes for wells, land, pipelines, facilities and more into popular GIS applications like ArcMap.

Use Our Powerful gDC web App
On the road or in the field? Use gDCweb to view, search, and export well, land, frac and completions, production data, logs, documents, and more anywhere you have the Internet.

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Drill Down Into Our Data

See what we have and why we're better.

Well Completions & Frac Database

Understand how technology impacts your success. Get the only comprehensive database of digital completions and fracturing data for western Canada through gDCweb, geoSCOUT or the gDC.

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Frac data is carefully built by in-house experts through a combination of data mining, interpretation, and detailed engineering analysis. Our team brings unparalleled depth of knowledge from reviewing tens of thousands of wells -- and we do more every day.

  • Benchmark performance using detailed stage, cost, technology, proppant, fluid, rate, and pressure data.
  • Identify completion trends inside your play of interest.
  • Do operational, efficiency, and problem analysis.
  • Define costs and risks with your E&P planning, acquisitions, divestitures, and more.
  • Increase your wells' productivity by understanding correlations between completion practices and well productivity.
  • Plan logistics.
  • Create reports organized around data that is of interest to you, then do more detailed analysis.
The Well Completions and Frac Database has moved!
If you are a frac data subscriber, you can now access frac data through gDCweb, our powerful but easy web app- available anywhere you have internet.
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Industry-Leading Support

There’s a reason we renamed our support team “Customer Solutions”. Our people are specially trained to truly solve your problems. Whether you’ve found a bug, have a feature request, or just need a hand getting your work done, we’ll make sure you get true solutions.

Free, Great Training

Whether you are a customer, between jobs, or a student, we offer great training programs at no cost to you. Come to our top-of-the-line training center, learn online, or host us at your office. We have courses for all disciplines, and regularly do custom training.


See why energy professionals trust our premium data and innovative software to find opportunities, assess risks and make mission-critical decisions. With daily updates and exceptional support, we’re with you every step of the way.

Our datasets are up-to-date, standardized for usability, and rigorously vetted. Our customers trust our extensive suite of quality-controlled public and proprietary energy data. Data sets include wells and logs, production and injection, engineering, geology, land, spatial, pipelines and facilities, and source documents.

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