geoLOGIC's Premium Oil & Gas Data: Tabular, Spatial, Web, Analytics

Use our tabular data, GIS layers, and web app to bring geoLOGIC's premium oil & gas data to your desktop or mobile device. Get this premium data directly through the databases and applications you already use without changing your daily routine. Use gDC Dashboards to visualize geoLOGIC’s premium data through multiple dashboards in record time.

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Just want premium oil & gas data? Choose your application of choice to pull our tabular data directly into the databases and applications you already use. Updates are seamless and you control how often they happen.

  • Clients are using these applications...
  • ArcMap (Esri)
  • Value Navigator
    (Energy Navigator)
  • Mosaic (Entero)
  • Synergy (GuildOne)
  • Data Connector Full Suite (TIBCO)
  • PetroLab (P2)
  • DecPro (P2)
  • CS Well Utilities (P2)
  • Seisware
  • Verdazo Analytics
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Spotfire


Visualize geoLOGIC’s premium data through multiple dashboards in a record time! From Licensing, to Industry Research, and more. Save the time you spend wrangling data and start your analysis now with gDC Dashboards.


gDC GIS offers GIS layers / feature classes for wells, land, pipelines, facilities and more throughout Canada and part of the United States. gDC GIS layers are attribute-rich and available in all Esri standard formats.


Use gDCweb to view, search, and export premium oil & gas data for wells land, production, frac analysis and documents anywhere you have an internet connection.


Better Decisions With PPDM Standards


We are deeply involved with the Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM). Together, we work tirelessly to develop and implement best practices and standards for petroleum data management. This work benefits operating companies, regulators, consulting companies, and energy professionals around the globe. Best of all, it benefits you, because this work is reflected in the data you get from the gDC.

Trusted Data, Extensive Coverage

From the United States to northern Canada, our diverse data sets, targeted value-adds, and quality focus empower energy professionals.

Everyone will tell you they offer quality, but our proof is our final product. We've invested tens of thousands of hours into developing internal tools to help us identify and correct the many instances of bad data on the market.

We don't just provide data. We package data into solutions. This means constantly observing the market and being serious about customer feedback. We're committed to expanding our data sets to properly respond to customer needs and industry trends.

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There’s a reason we renamed our support team “Customer Solutions”. Our people are specially trained to actually solve your problems. Whether you’ve found a bug, have a feature request, or just need a hand getting your work done, we’ll make sure you get true solutions at no cost to you.

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