geoLOGIC basinINTEL — powered by BetaZiTM is here! Maximize production, make sound acquisition decisions and increase profits with this revolutionary software. basinINTEL is the only software in Canada using BetaZi’s well production forecasts for Canadian wells.

Spend less time forecasting, more time analyzing!

geoLOGIC basinINTEL -- powered by BetaZiTM provides pre-computed, data-driven, accurate, unbiased and repeatable well production forecasts for every well in western Canada.

With its ability to quickly deliver up thousands of well production forecasts, you can make better and more informed decisions to improve stakeholder communication, better allocate resources and mitigate risk.

The technology behind geoLOGIC basinINTEL combines geoLOGIC’s premium oil and gas data and the BetaZiTM algorithm, which uses physics-based predictive analytics to provide highly accurate, unbiased well production forecasts in seconds.

geoLOGIC basinINTEL — powered by BetaZiTM enables you to:

  • Accurately benchmark results and assess risk using true productivity metrics.
  • Compare and contrast potential opportunities, at any level of granularity.
  • Generate Estimated Ultimate Recoveries (EURs) in a consistent and repeatable manner, year after year.
  • Assess well performance to identify treatment candidates and evaluate optimization opportunities.

BetaZiTM well production forecasts are:

  • Derived from first principles using geoLOGIC’s premium production data and BetaZi’s unique physio-statistical algorithm that is trained on 4 million wells.
  • Completely automated and unbiased, with calibrated uncertainty.
  • Extremely accurate, back-tested and independently verified.
  • All encompassing – the BetaZiTM well production forecasts model computes a million samples per well to account for all possible scenarios.

basinINTEL system requirements:

  • I5 or I7 7th Generation Processor
  • 25GB of Storage
  • 32GB of RAM
  • Spotfire Version 7.11 or later

Forecast. Roll up. Compare. Drill down. Cross-plot. Export.

geoLOGIC basinINTEL — powered by BetaZiTM is delivered and updated monthly as a series of interactive Spotfire projects including full export capabilities and the platform’s familiar flexibility. You can generate custom maps and graphs for more powerful analyses and visualization. The software includes 30-year EUR figures and 30-year forecasts for every well in western Canada. The BetaZiTM model computes in a fully-automatic, consistent and repeatable manner, making basinINTEL a game-changing software for Canadian oil and gas professionals, bankers, and investors.

geoLOGIC basinINTEL powered by BetaZi<sup>TM</sup> - Oil Production Sample
geoLOGIC basinINTEL powered by BetaZi<sup>TM</sup> - Gas Production Sample
geoLOGIC basinINTEL powered by BetaZiTM - EUR Gas p50 vs. Avg Fluid Pumped per Stage Sample
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