Visualize, Analyze, and Forecast

geoSCOUT is a powerful visualization, analysis, and forecasting suite for Windows with an extensive library of premium data. Thousands of energy professionals trust geoSCOUT to map oil and gas plays, see trends, understand reservoirs, plan for the future, and make mission-critical decisions.

Use our integrated Canada, Montana, and North Dakota data, bring your own data from anywhere in the world, or do both.


Superior mapping, charting, and annotation tools make visualizing data easier than ever.

Create surface maps and structural geology maps. View assets like wells, pipelines, and land. Compare what you see against satellite imagery.

Powerful charting tools turn complex oil and gas data into visualizations like production charts, cross sections, 3D well bore maps, and histograms.

Add your professional insights as you go. Whether you just want to add text to a map, digitize contours you created by hand, or create detailed cross sections for your area of interest, geoSCOUT supports you every step of the way.

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Data Visualizer


Analyze Data

geoSCOUT helps oil and gas professionals from all disciplines make sense of data, whether you care about the small details or an entire basin.

With geoSCOUT, engineers can solve complex engineering problems like designing completions and improving production. Geologists can identify productive intervals and understand the stratigraphy in a play. Land professionals can ensure your business acquire the rights it needs to be profitable. Investors can monitor assets and liabilities. Infrastructure planners can overcome obstacles and ensure the right resources are in place.

No matter who you are, whether you’re using our data, your own, or a combination of the two, geoSCOUT will help you make the best decisions of your career.

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Don’t be caught unprepared.

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Use geoSCOUT to monitor depletion and declines, plan your plays and drilling programs, and anticipate problems so your business thrives in the future. Keep an eye on your competitors to make sure you’re leading the pack and keeping costs low. You can even use geoSCOUT to ensure regulatory compliance and plan for disasters.

Forecast Data

New geoSCOUT Features & Modules

geoLOGIC releases new geoSCOUT features regularly. Learn more about our new features and modules to help you get more value from your geoSCOUT subscription.

  • December 2021 - geoSCOUT Version 8.18 Featured Highlights
    New features are focused on enhancements to optimize petrophysical workflows, improved data visualization and mapping functionality, and new production datasets to drive efficiency and identify future opportunities.
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Book a demo to see the latest new features, or connect directly with our Sales team at, 403-262-1992.

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Analysis Tools

geoSCOUT is modular. You choose the components you need to get the job done.

Cross Section
View and annotate stratigraphic diagrams side-by-side. Cross Section helps geologists pick formation tops and make correlations between wells with the help of logs and other tools.

Find, manage, and combine LAS-formatted well logs. LAS files are versatile text files that can be used throughout geoSCOUT to correlate formation depths and indicate hydrocarbon quantity and quality.

Core Analysis
Work with core analysis data for wells with analyzed cores. Core Analysis gives the most accurate insight into porosity, permeability, and other important reservoir characteristics.

Data Analytics
Interactively select, sort, pivot and filter your well, frac, production and pressure data. Drag and drop your data fields of choice and then slice and dice your data in any way you choose. Combine box plots, scatter plots with column, bar, line, area and pie charts on a chart canvas for important presentations.

geoSCOUT sources drilling data from participating companies so you can better aggregate and analyze your data. With Drilling, you can access digitized tour report data at a glance, visualize drilling time breakdowns, compare multiple wells, plus much more.

Use comprehensive drill stem test data to analyze the hydrodynamic properties of reservoirs and determine hydrocarbon presence. DST Pro provides pressures and flows to help determine fluids, pressure, and permeability at the drill stem.

geoLOGX and geoLOGX Pro
Input LAS, core, test, and perforation data to create petrophysical interpretations. Good interpretations help determine lithology, net-pay, porosity, water saturation, permeability, and more, so petrophysicists can verify hydrocarbon presence and measure its ability to flow through the wellbore.

Compare one well against a reference well. twinGRAM helps geologists pick formation tops and make correlations between wells with the help of logs and other tools.

Well Profile Viewer
Focus on the horizontal section of the wellbore with horizontal LAS and raster log data. Compare multiple survey scenarios to choose the best option before drilling. Pick formation tops, import grid files, and view reference surveys to compare wellbores in context. Control the way you see your surveys; view LAS colour gradients along the wellbore, and add annotations. Create a contour map, then display the resulting grid file to see contoured formation tops alongside your well surveys. To learn more, request the Well Profile Viewer Module Benefit Sheet.

Well Survey Viewer
View 3D well bores, detailed survey data, and import your own surveys into geoSCOUT. The Survey Viewer shows exactly where wells have been drilled, providing insight into wellbore locations and interactions.

Map and order 2D and 3D seismic line data through the Seismic Data Listing Service. Once you order seismic data, use it to estimate models of the subsurface, which help create volume estimations and map potential hydrocarbon reservoirs.


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There’s a reason we renamed our support team “Customer Solutions”. Our people are specially trained to actually solve your problems. Whether you’ve found a bug, have a feature request, or just need a hand getting your work done, we’ll make sure you get true solutions at no cost to you.

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Our products come as an annual subscription. Your subscription includes all enhancements, bug fixes, and data updates at no extra cost.

Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

geoLOGIC systems maintains Certified Partner status and Gold competency in the Microsoft Partner Program. This recognizes our expertise with Microsoft technologies, impact in the technology marketplace, and a proven ability to meet customers’ needs.

LAS Digitizing

With our huge library of digital well logs, there’s a good chance we already have the digital logs you need. If we don’t, we’ll get them for you at competitive prices.

geoLOGIC has been digitizing logs since 1998. We use a sampling rate of 6 inches to digitize logs from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin into LAS (Log ASCII Standard) files. Our digitizing times beat industry standards, ensuring the turnaround you need.


Well Document Ordering

We have a large well document collection, including tour reports, abstracts, area, coal bed analysis, completion, core analysis and special core analysis, directional survey, drill stem test, drilling, fluid analysis, geological report, miscellaneous, PVT analysis, pressure test, and well license documents.

Need something we don't have? We'll get it for you confidentially and on-demand.


Deployment Options

geoSCOUT runs in network and local PC environments. For network deployments, geoSCOUT works in:

  • Client/server architectures using Windows-based clients and your choice of networks and servers.
  • Thin-client environments using technologies like Windows Remote Desktop Infrastructure (Terminal Server) or Citrix.

Unique Setup?

Everyone is different. We've deployed geoSCOUT in some pretty unique ways. No matter how your systems work, we'll find a way to get things running.

geoSCOUT supports each Windows operating system until that operating system reaches end of life. We don't recommend running versions of Windows that Microsoft no longer supports.

geoSCOUT is not compatible with Linux, macOS or iOS, but will run on a macOS computer that emulates Windows.

System Requirements

Individual workstations need the following specs to run geoSCOUT.

Functional Minimum System Requirements
Windows 8.1 or 10
Dual-Core 1GHz Processor
60 GB of Hard Drive Space
3 GB Ram
1024x768 Screen Resolution
High-Speed Network and Internet
Recommended Minimum System Requirements
Windows 10
i5 (or equivalent) Processor
60 GB of Hard Drive Space
8 GB Ram
1920x1080 Screen Resolution with Multiple Monitors
High-Speed Network and Internet

These requirements are a guide, but due to the number of possible PC configurations, your situation may be unique. Always ensure your workstations are appropriate for your peripherals and operating environment. For example, 4K monitors may need significantly more video memory than is typical of on-board integrated video cards.

If you have questions about workstation or network requirements, email us.

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