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New geoSCOUT features are added regularly to help you optimize workflows and visualize data in more ways. With superior mapping, charting and annotation tools, it has never been easier to map oil and gas plays, see trends, understand reservoirs and make informed decisions with confidence.

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geoSCOUT Version 8.15 – New Features Highlights

Enhancements and new features are focused around petrophysical tools and data, the capabilities of our engineering-specific modules, and new subscription-based datasets.

Check out these new geoSCOUT features in Version 8.15:

  • What is new:

    LAS Curve Calculations: Saturation of Water (Sw) and Average Porosity (Phi A) – The ability to define, calculate, create, and store Sw and Phi A curves, within geoSCOUT, using our existing LAS curve data.

    How it benefits the user – Users can use the new Curve Calculations tool to easily perform common petrophysical calculations (Sw and Phi A) across multiple wells, store the results, and make use of them in the numerous modules and analysis tools in geoSCOUT that display or utilize LAS data; this will help users determine various formation and reservoir characteristics.

  • What is new:

    Orphan and Inactive/Dormant Well Data – Orphan Well data (for AB, BC, and SK) and Inactive/Dormant Well data (for AB and BC) are now available in the Well Ticket and the Data Analytics module, as a new subscription-based dataset with related features and functionality.

    How it benefits the user – Users can now quickly search, display, and export the data that we’ve added for Orphan and Inactive/Dormant Wells; in Data Analytics, they can sort, filter, group, and chart/visualize the data to kick-start workflows that are useful for liability analysis, merger and acquisition target analysis, and tracking these types of wells that may be candidates for acquisition, abandonment, or reclamation. This new dataset is collated and regularized across the western provinces so that workflows are consistent.

  • What is new:

    Drilling Data Enhancements – Numerous data improvements to the Drilling Module, including: increased number of wells available in the module, added the ability to view wells by surface location and by well name in the Selected Wells List, added more data regarding mud systems, motors, and shakers, and introduced a new Mud Summary table (that breaks down by formation: the average rate of penetration, mud viscosity, mud density, mud system, and mud type used).

    How it benefits the user – Users can see both the mud types and mud systems for each well, and they can compare oil-based mud versus water-based mud drilling plans. The mud gradient option in the Individual and Multi-Well chart allows users to visually compare mud systems and their potential effectiveness on drilling efficiency, without having to scroll through the Mud Data tab to get their information. The new Mud Summary by Formation table in the Drilling Ticket displays the most critical mud information in a meaningful way, which serves as a quick method for analysts to compare existing mud plans and for engineers to plan for future drilling jobs; averaging the mud data in the Mud Summary allows for a formation-based comparison within and between wells, in a simple-to-read table.

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