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New geoSCOUT features are added regularly to help you optimize workflows and visualize data in more ways. With superior mapping, charting and annotation tools, it has never been easier to map oil and gas plays, see trends, understand reservoirs and make informed decisions with confidence.

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geoSCOUT Feature Highlights – December 2019

"More data organization options, increased flexibility in well planning, reduced time and effort."

New geoSCOUT features in Version 8.13 enable you to:

  • Organize and visualize the data you need—faster!

    Non-Numeric Data Classifications – You now have the option to create data classifications based on dates and text. With greater flexibility, you can quickly and efficiently organize the data you need.

    Use classifications to create data groupings in Listing Reports, then save your groups to the map in colour-coded layers. You’ll instantly add more clarity to your visuals, making it easier to tell a story with your data.

    Data classifications are available across all modules that have Listing Reports: Data Analytics, Frac Analysis, Land, and Ownership Analysis. Your time is valuable, so let geoSCOUT help you be more efficient.

  • Visually enhance your completions planning— all in one module!

    geoSCOUT Version 8.13 gives you more visual tools to plan your completions directly on the wellbore section in the Well Profile Viewer, so you can make more informed decisions!

    Annotations – You can now post annotations to the wellbore to help you visualize the exact location of your completions, taking the guesswork out! Not only that, you can export and share your annotations with colleagues, who can then import and review them.

    LAS Colour Gradient – You can overlay an LAS colour gradient along the wellbore based on the colour gradient you associate with the data. Having this data right on the wellbore makes it easier than ever to identify “sweet spots,” saving time and reducing your completions planning efforts for new and existing wells.

More flexibility, better collaboration, and more!

To learn more, book a demo, or connect directly with our sales team at , or at 403-262-1992.

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geoSCOUT Feature Highlights – September 2019

"Better Well Planning, Data Classifications, LAS Colour Gradients"

New geoSCOUT Features in Version 8.12 enable you to:

  • Utilize a More Complete Planning Solution

    Plan your wells in more detail before you start drilling them. Avoid surprises by thoroughly exploring your options.

    Plan more than just a single well path. geoSCOUT now offers convenient ways of planning a pad of wells through creating offset wells, including mirrored reflections of a well. Aim for the same formation, or go deeper or shallower – the choice is yours.

    Whether you created the well in geoSCOUT or not, you can go a step further in your planning activities by adding user completions events to a well, and even plan multiple different versions of the same well.

    Just like your surveys show up on the map and throughout geoSCOUT, once they’re in the system, your events are available across geoSCOUT. See them in the Well Ticket, on your Cross Section, in your exports, run searches on them, plus much more.

    Version 8.12 takes well planning to a whole new level.

  • Do More With Numerical Data

    Data Classifications are now available in Data Analytics, Frac Analysis, Land, and Ownership Analysis Listing Reports!

    You can now label your wells and agreements based on numeric data fields. Create meaningful divisions in your data by splitting it into ranges and giving those ranges names. See these classifications in columns in your Listing Reports, and use them to sort, group, and filter your data, add them to Analytics charts, and even assign colours to them for charts and maps.

    Data classifications come at no additional cost with your geoSCOUT Analytics subscription. That means you can use Theming to assign colours to your data bins and see those colours when you visualize data from compatible modules.

  • Apply a Colour Gradient to LAS

    Apply a colour gradient when displaying your LAS data to make it easier than ever to create inferences from it.

    Whether you display the gradient along the curve itself, or as part of a colour-fill, a quick glance can tell the story instead of having to do the math in your head.

    Make use of the color gradient feature in the Cross Section, twinGRAM and the Well Profile Viewer to help determine appropriate depths at which to create user completions, make it faster to pick tops, or just brighten your day with a rainbow of colours. It’s up to you.

To learn more, book a demo, or connect directly with our sales team at, or at 403-262-1992.

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geoSCOUT Feature Highlights – April 2019

"Theme it in Minutes, Visualize Company Interest, Save Lands/Units to Dedicated Groups, Sort, Filter & Group LAS"

New geoSCOUT Features in Version 8.11 enables you to:

  • Theme it in Minutes!

    Create and edit themes to provide consistent colour coding for chosen data. Themes can also flow throughout multiple modules in geoSCOUT. It’s easier and faster than ever to make maps shine! Subscribe to geoSCOUT Analytics today, and see how easy it is to create a themed map in minutes.

  • Visualize Company Interest

    In Ownership Analysis, post new pie charts to the map indicating the different companies’ working interest percentages for your wells, using your Theming colours, and vary the sizes of these pie charts so you can compare production data for those wells. You can also customize the colours you see on the map as well as in your modules, and save module wells to the map directly into grouped, colour-coded user layers. It’s our way of making your life easier.

  • Magnify Rasters in the Well Profile Viewer

    Easily magnify rasters in the Well Profile Viewer so you can read the text they contain. The window is resizable and scrollable, which provides that close up view you need.

  • Access Frac Data from the Well Profile Viewer

    Display Frac Analysis completions data from the Well Profile Viewer and also view frac sticks of variable lengths. This new feature improves the ability to continue working in one location. Ask us about our premium frac and completions data set!

  • Save Land/Unit Agreements to Dedicated Groups

    Saving and recalling land and unit agreements to the map just got easier. The polygons on the map now retain their relationships with the agreements you used to save them. Simply right-click on a land layer on the map and select the associated agreements in the Land module. Use the Land Listing Report to save multiple land layers to your map in one easy step. Combined with the new Theming feature, customized maps take just moments to create!

  • What's New in LAS

    Improvements to the LAS module data listing make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can sort, filter and group curves and LAS files to find the curve information you’re interested in. In addition, you can quickly perform batch cut-off calculations on a single LAS curve, which allows you to calculate the footage of a single curve that meets your applied cut-off parameters.

To learn more book a demo, or connect directly with our sales team at, 403-262-1992.

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