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New geoSCOUT features are added regularly to help you optimize workflows and visualize data in more ways. With superior mapping, charting and annotation tools, it has never been easier to map oil and gas plays, see trends, understand reservoirs and make informed decisions with confidence.

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geoSCOUT Version 8.17 – New Features Highlights

Enhancements and new features are focused around expanding on our analytical tools, data, and engineering-specific modules.

Check out these new geoSCOUT features in Version 8.17:

  • LAS Curve Calculations

    We have added the ability to calculate density porosity from bulk density logs, sonic porosity from sonic logs, and shale volume from gamma ray log curves.

    The new Batch Log Statistics Calculator allows users to calculate log statistics for a single or net cut-off, over a specified interval for multiple wells and save those statistical calculations to the user database.

    We have also extended average cut-off calculations to allow users to calculate average cut-offs for any log type, not just porosity logs.

  • BC Total Production Data

    The Well Ticket Production Summary and Production Analysis Module will see new data and enhancements with the inclusion of BC’s Total Production data. This newly released data set gives users a comprehensive view of “rich gas” production by providing by-product hydrocarbon volumes from each well. “Plant products” (marketable gas, ethane, propane, butane, and pentanes-plus) are now included for each producing BC well from March 2006 to now.

  • Drilling Enhancements

    We have added logic to determine the various hole sections (surface, intermediate, and production) of drilled wells; by dividing our drilling data into hole sections, we now provide users with the ability to utilize this newly derived data to compare the performance of each section in the Drill Time Chart. This data is displayed in new tables in the Drilling Ticket, as well as in the Drilling Module’s new Listing Report (which gives users the flexibility to easily filter, sort, and investigate).

  • Well Pad IDs

    We have added Well Pad Identifiers as a well data item; users can identify wells that belong to a pad across Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. This new data item can be used alongside geoSCOUT’s powerful analytical tools to run pad-to-pad comparisons by creating pad production charts with Multi-Group Production, creating pad maps through theming, comparing pad drilling in the Drilling Module’s Multi-Well Chart, and creating other comparative charts in Data Analytics.

More flexibility, better collaboration, and more!

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