Analyze and evaluate thermal oil sand projects that utilize SAGD technology using TOP Analysis, and do it in record time!

Make informed decisions with TOP Analysis

TOP Analysis provides volumetric and design details of thermal projects with, up-to-date operational information. TOP Analysis data is automatically updated daily with newly licensed wells. This user-friendly web-based interface allows for quick analysis of any company, project, well pad, or well pair.

Use TOP Analysis to make informed decisions based on the latest production and injection volumes, observation of well pressures and temperatures, operating pressures and temperatures, and directional drilling and completion details.

TOP Analysis Example

With TOP Analysis, you can:

  • Easily access geoLOGIC's premium data to analyze thermal oil sands projects that utilize SAGD technology including:
  • All production and injection volumes
  • Observation well pressures and temperatures
  • Operating pressures and temperatures
  • Directional drilling and completion details
  • Identified regulatory applications
  • Flow Control Device information

TOP Analysis Features:

  • Visualize well details on a pop-up chart, Google Map, or directly in Microsoft Excel
  • Compare volumes, ratios, or drill details for any company, project, pad, pair, or infill well
  • Use built-in standard SAGD report templates, or create your own
  • Apply sophisticated filtering to expedite analysis
  • Export data and charts into Microsoft Excel
  • TOP Analysis works seamlessly with TOP Regulatory

TOP Analysis system requirements:

  • TOP Analysis is a web-based solution that is available to view in any standard web browser

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