Find, review, and download regulatory applications online using TOP Regulatory: a keyword searchable database with sophisticated filtering.

Instantly access regulatory data with TOP Regulatory

With TOP Regulatory, you can view key dates and times for approval so you can better plan your application submission. You can also set custom email notifications to stay informed of any regulatory application updates. 

TOP Regulatory Expandable Company Tree

TOP Regulatory Features:

Take advantage of TOP Regulatory’s user-friendly web-based interface, and:

  • Search by keywords within application files
  • Download applications on demand
  • Trust the files will never be archived or removed
  • Monitor competitor activity effortlessly
  • Filter applications by company, category, or application type
  • Get critical documents from one location (AER, IRIS, EPEA, Water Act, and Annual Performance Presentations)
  • TOP Regulatory works seamlessly with TOP Analysis

TOP Regulatory system requirements:

  • TOP Regulatory is a web-based solution that is available to view in any standard web browser

TOP Regulatory Downloaded Applications

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