Updated -Services Unavailable – Technical Outage (May 17, 2019- 5:00 PM)

Updated Services Unavailable – Technical Outage

Last Update: Friday, May 17, 5:14 P.M.

We want to provide an end-of-day update to all our customers regarding the technical outage we are experiencing at geoLOGIC.

As reported yesterday, we have restored service for the primary instance of the geoLOGIC Data Centre (gDC). Failover remains unavailable. We have also restored service for the secondary instance of the gDC GIS.

The gDC GIS primary service remains unavailable. The FTP delivery of the gDC GIS products is also currently unavailable. geoSCOUT and gDC Web Services are unavailable and anticipated to remain so until Sunday at the earliest.

Our team of internal and external experts will be working around the clock over the weekend to restore operations.

We apologize for this disruption to your business. We commit to provide another status update no later than end of day Sunday, should any further information become available prior to that we will issue an update.

If you need immediate assistance, please email us at Solutions@geologic.com.