Powering a new generation of data management software.

Deploy an enterprise cloud-native data management software platform that leverages microservices architecture to break down silos between teams, simplify access to data sources, and speed up insights.

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Tavaio is an integration Platform as a Service solution that solves the problem of ever-increasing data quantity and complexity by harnessing the flexibility and functionality of microservices architecture and advanced cloud technologies.

Tavaio deploys in hours and breaks down data silos that can slow your various workflows. Search and discover across millions of data points instantly. Visualize results on maps and graphs, and export and import a full range of oil and gas data types including well headers, logs, formation tops, 2D and 3D seismic, hydraulic fracture information, land sale locations, pipelines, facilities and geologic maps.

With no complex coding or dedicated developer support required, Tavaio easily connects to all your data sources and geologic and engineering application software, allowing you to accelerate your data science workflow, significantly cutting down your data integration and interpretation hours and truly unleashing the power of your data.

Key features

  • Search multiple properties from millions of data points and see results virtually instantaneously with fast, powerful functionality.
  • Connect to structured and unstructured data sources with pre-made or configurable ETL connections.
  • Upload company or user specific data and documentation as required.
  • Enable bespoke business operating models with a robust entitlements model.
  • Increase flexibility with a data agnostic system that ensures the right data is available for the right workflows at the right time.
  • Install and update with ease using Docker Containers.
  • Configure with no coding required.
  • Scale as desired using the cloud-native microservices-oriented architecture.

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